Monday, December 10, 2007


Brandon learn read write in 1st grade Brandon practice cursive with story writing on recycle paper Teacher say Brandon creative, write good stories Brandon smile and make story about giant Brandon not read Little House on the Prairie Brandon fail quiz First F ever Brandon need more reading Brandon not readings for long time In college, Brandon like books Reading cool Brandon write first novel with religious content Brandon not religious Book not very good Brandon get job in advertising Write funny emails to coworkers Brandon write company Christmas card Company like Brandon write again next year Brandon still write funny emails Coworkers think he weird but creative Brandon woo girl with weird and creative Brandon and girl married Brandon write wedding program People and cry laugh at same time Brandon beaming Brandon and girl move Japan spread English Brandon know not always Need American job again someday Maybe not advertising still Brandon like write Be write Brandon write blog Pimp skills Brandon hope woo writing professional Offer Brandon job Brandon be rich Happy and fulfill

1 comment:

terryo said...

This whole "Brandon Write" thing would work a whole lotta betta if BRANDON. WRITE.

Just Sayin'.